When I really want something, I am unstoppable

I am a force of nature when I make up my mind. I am determined and can accomplish anything once I create a target for my time, focus, and energy.

Perseverance is my greatest quality.

I am able to continue forward regardless of the obstacles that stand in my way. I am able to persevere when others decide to call it quits. I am energized by the situations that overwhelm others. I am unstoppable once I make up my mind.

When I decide to do something, I do it 100%.

Quitting is a foreign concept to me. I pride myself on finishing what I start. Challenging situations boost my motivation and enthusiasm. My enthusiasm is bulletproof.

I avoid wasting my time on goals that fail to inspire me. Part of the secret to my success is that I only set highly desirable goals. It is easier to be unstoppable when a goal is incredibly exciting to me.

Today, I am committed to making progress and showing the world what it means to be unstoppable. I feel determined and optimistic. I feel 100% unstoppable.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What am I most committed to accomplishing in my life? What am I doing each day to accomplish those goals?
  2. When am I most likely to quit? If I were less likely to quit, how would that impact my life?
  3. Who is the most unstoppable person I know? What can I learn from that person?