Self-love means accepting who I am

Beneath my exterior is a soul that deserves to be honored. It forms the essence of my being and is meant to be treated with respect. Self-love means accepting who I am on the inside. The perspective of the outside world is irrelevant.

When I achieve a sincere love for the person who I am on the inside, positive self-talk occurs naturally. Building self-love happens from the inside out.

Becoming worthy of love starts with having a character of integrity. I ensure that each of my interactions with others is handled openly and honestly. I am trustworthy and proud to be a person who speaks from the heart.

My honesty inspires others to put their trust in me. Knowing that I am a safe place for others gives me a good feeling about myself.

I also approach others with kindness, regardless of the relationship we share. Leading with kindness makes room for peaceful resolution and effective collaboration. I promote positivity.

Although I have flaws, my positive traits far exceed anything that I sometimes feel insecure about. I celebrate my strengths and embrace my imperfections. There is so much about me that is lovable.

Today, I am exactly the person who I am supposed to be, and I love every ounce of my being. There is power in truly accepting myself just the way I am. With confidence, I go through each day conquering big challenges and feeling proud of my victories.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are some of my favorite personality traits?
2. How do I rebuild my confidence when I am made to feel unloved by another person?
3. What are some positive affirmations that I can repeat to myself each day?