My personal desires deserve to be satisfied

In order to be kind to others, I am first kind to myself. Taking myself into account equips me with gratitude and humility to share with others. My emotional wellness is crucial to my overall well-being. When I have true peace of mind, I am able to pay attention to assisting others.

I exercise to keep myself from feeling stressed. At the end of each day, my workout restores my calmness and makes me ready to give myself to my family.

Feeling loved and cared for is important to me. Although I believe wholeheartedly in myself, I appreciate receiving loving gestures.

Warm treatment from friends and family gives me a foundation on which to build confidence. Knowing that I have a strong support team boosts my courage. Having loving arms to run to makes tough times more manageable.

Financial independence is a goal that I work progressively towards. I put in good effort so I deserve to reap the fruits of my labor.

Rarely do I feel guilty for enjoying the benefits of conscientious work.

Today, making myself happy means allowing myself to have the things that I want. I am committed to doing what I am able to in order to achieve personal desires. It gives me a sense of pride when my actions result in personal accomplishment.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I ensure that each day has at least one opportunity for me to cater to myself?
  2. How much do I rely on others to treat me well?
  3. How do I balance between my personal desires and those of others around me?