My life is precious and meaningful

I love my life! I love everything about my life because I choose to look through optimistic eyes. I find ways to infuse joy to those around me in every situation. Even when life seems to be monotonous, I uncover ways to break out of old ruts and create new paths.

Every day, I look for fresh ways to enjoy life. I seek adventure like a pirate seeks treasure. I make the best of each day. I seize every opportunity to create adventure for myself, because I know that I only have one life to live.

My life counts. My life is significant. I have been created with passion and purpose; therefore I live passionately and purposefully. There are dreams that I can hardly wait to see fulfilled. I greet each day with excitement and expectation knowing that great things will come out of my life.

There are people who count on me. My friends and family make life worth living. Sharing life with others makes the journey more gratifying. Love, laughter, and the simple things I share with my loved ones are what make life great.

No one else could ever fill my place. I am a unique individual with talents and gifts that are important to the world. Out of more than 6 billion people who live in this world, there is only one me. There is only one person with my DNA and fingerprint. I can make a difference in the world.

Today, I choose to live as one who understands my value in this world.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What do I live for?
  2. What makes me unique?
  3. How can I make life more adventurous?