I treat myself well

I am my own best friend. I choose to treat myself at least as well as I treat the other important people in my life. Some people might view this as selfish, but it is an intelligent decision on my part.

The better I take care of myself, the more capable I am of caring for the other people in my life. It is similar to putting an oxygen mask on my own face before I assist others.

When I treat myself poorly, I send a negative message to myself. Treating myself well sends a beneficial message. It is a testament to my importance to the world. My self-esteem is higher when I take good care of myself.

I am an important person with important things to do. I deserve to be treated well by everyone, and that includes me. I treat myself well because I deserve it. I love myself.

I avoid being selfish. I can treat myself well without treating others poorly.

However, I refuse to treat myself poorly just to treat others well. I am as important as anyone else in the world. I demand that I treat myself accordingly. I am vital to the world and insist on treating myself well.

Today, I make myself a top priority. I treat myself better than I would treat my best friend. I take care of my needs, and that helps me be able to take care of others, too.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do today to show myself that I am important?
2. How do I mistreat myself? Why do I choose to do that?
3. What would happen if I treated myself better?