I shine

I am smart, strong, and beautiful. I am confident and authentic.

I appreciate my strengths and celebrate my accomplishments. I give myself credit for making an effort. I create my own definition of success.

I take care of my wellbeing. I feed myself delicious and nutritious foods. I exercise regularly and sleep well. I carve out time for myself and the activities I love. I nourish my spirituality and continue learning.

I reward myself for making progress. I treat myself to my favorite dinner and a movie after completing a major project at work. I enjoy a special outing once my household chores are done.

I surround myself with family and friends who care about me. My loved ones help me to recognize my worth. We provide each other with practical assistance and moral support.

I smile at myself in the mirror. I treat myself like a beloved friend.

I enjoy my own company. I respect my opinions and laugh at my jokes. I do things that bring me joy and help me to grow. My happiness comes from within.

I advocate for myself. I stand up for my values. I figure out what I need and want. I set healthy boundaries and enforce them. I ask others for what I need tactfully and directly. I am respectful and persistent.

Today, I lift myself up. I believe in myself and my abilities. I recognize my achievements and pat myself on the back. I see my potential and honor my dreams.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. If I were writing a press release about myself, what would I say?
  2. How can I soothe myself when I am feeling stressed?
  3. Why do I deserve love and happiness?