I remain enthusiastic and confident even when others fail to support me

I love when people are on my side. Support is a great thing to have. However, I am fine if their opinion is something other than encouraging. I am able to be successful by relying on myself.

The choices I make and the actions I take are the only things that really matter.

There are times in my life when I have lots of support. There are also times that I lack support. Sometimes, others are even against me. This is irrelevant. I can be my own cheerleading squad.

I can take bold action even when I have to stand alone.

The goals I set for myself are so exciting for me that external support is superfluous. I am so motivated that I am unstoppable. I am certain of my success, whether I have support or must face the world alone.

Today, I remain confident and enthusiastic. I am grateful for the support I have. I am also fine if I lack support. I choose goals and actions that best suit my life, just as I allow everyone else to do the same.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. When have I given up because no one supported me? What would I do if I could relive that time?
  2. In general, how supportive are the people in my life? How can I adjust my social circle to gain more support?
  3. What do I most want to accomplish? Can I do this without support? How?