I like discovering new things about myself

In my opinion, the most wondrous human being is me. It is fulfilling to see myself evolve.

Being multifaceted is a wonderful thing. It means that I am able to fit myself into any situation and still come out enlightened. When I face new circumstances, I dig within for the skills to successfully navigate them.

Living far away from my homeland expands my horizons. As I adjust to a new life, I use courage to get to know my surroundings. I put aside feelings of intimidation and introduce myself to others. I am impressed by my ability to build rapport with total strangers.

One surprising attribute is that I am able to concentrate when I am under pressure. Such situations are stressful, but I rise to the occasion.

Tight deadlines at work are challenging to handle but I have what it takes to meet them. When I work under pressure, I produce good quality in a short time. It means that I am resourceful. Discovering that about myself makes me even more confident.

Seeing myself blossom in new ways is exciting. It proves to me that my quality of life is destined to keep elevating.

Today, I anticipate life with great interest because I know that I rise to the occasion with each new experience. It is always a proud moment when I see myself evolve into a stronger human being.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Which of my newly discovered traits is the most surprising to others?
2. What role does a new environment play in me learning more about myself?
3. How does it impact me when I discover an unfavorable trait in myself?