I build connections

I make new friends and acquire new contacts. I nurture and deepen my existing relationships. I build connections that enrich my life.

I spend time with family and friends. We eat dinner as a family and read together before bedtime. We plan special outings for weekends, holidays, and vacations. I block out time on my calendar for my friends. We meet each other for weekly coffee dates and potluck dinners.

I support and encourage my coworkers. We collaborate on group projects and exchange constructive feedback.

I share my interests. I join groups where I can meet other rose gardeners and tennis players. I strike up conversations at the farmers market and outdoor concerts.

I follow through on my commitments. When I suggest getting together for lunch, I call back with a specific time and place. When I mention an interesting article to a colleague, I send it to them the next day.

I engage in thoughtful conversations. I use small talk to warm up for more interesting topics. I take risks and allow myself to be vulnerable. I talk about my hopes and struggles. I listen without making judgments.

I ask questions. I let others know that I am interested in what they have to say.

I introduce my contacts to each other. I take pleasure in bringing them together to create their own friendships and partnerships.

Today, I focus on helping others and extending my network. I share ideas and build connections.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is one thing I can do to broaden my circle?
2. What would my dream network look like?
3. How do I define a meaningful relationship?