I believe in myself

I have faith in my ability to do anything I set my mind to. I have proven myself to be a capable person. I am proving to myself that I am becoming even more capable each day.

I have skills. I have the skills required to be successful. If there are any skills I am lacking, I am capable of learning them quickly. I believe in my skills and my ability to learn.

I have talents. I am a talented person. I was blessed with numerous talents, and I know how to apply them to my life.

I use my talents and avoid my weaknesses. I believe in my ability to leverage my talents and use them to my advantage.

I am determined. I am so determined that I believe in my future success. My determination can overcome any setback, obstacle, or naysayer.

I am supported. I have a support network. I have people in my corner that lift me up. They believe in me, and I believe in myself.

I am knowledgeable. I understand the things that matter on my quest for greatness. I believe in my intelligence and knowledge.

Today, I am putting my full faith in myself. I am skilled, talented, determined, supported, and knowledgeable. I believe in myself.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. When do I doubt myself? What is the source of my self-doubt? Who or what contributed to my self-doubt?
  2. What would my life look like if I believed in myself? How would my life be altered?
  3. Who do I know that has a high level of self-confidence? What can I learn from them?