I am worthy of love and joy

I am just as worthy as anyone else in the world. I know that I am a good person. As a result, I deserve all the love and joy that everyone else in the world deserves, too.

I am a moral person that lives according to my values. I treat others as I like to be treated. I practice the golden rule. I am friendly, kind, and considerate.

I allow love to flow into my life. I am willing to give love. I am willing to receive love. I have a big heart that is open and caring. I want to love and to be loved. I am worthy of all the love the world has to give.

I deserve to experience joy. I make an effort to make others happy. Other people are important to me. I am worthy of being a priority to them, too.

I deserve to be happy and to enjoy my life to the fullest.

I wish I were perfect, but I know that is impossible. However, I am still worthy of love and joy even though I am less than perfect.

Today, I am allowing myself to experience love and joy. I am choosing to believe that I am worthy of love and joy. I am a deserving person.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What do I like most about myself?
2. Do I provide love and joy to other people in my life?
3. Am I willing to allow myself to experience love and joy?