I am transforming into my magnificence

I have changed so much in my personal growth in the last year that I hardly recognize myself. I am astounded at how far I have come. I have grown into a magnificent butterfly from the tiny caterpillar I once was.

I am proud of all the changes I have created in my life. I am proud that I have faced my demons and come out triumphant. I am truly proud of my accomplishments.

I have always known that I had it in me. Nevertheless, doubt often prevails, even when I think I can do something.

Now though, with all my growth from the past year, I finally have true confidence in my abilities.

I am grateful for my determination and stamina that I can depend on to persevere when the going gets tough.

And I am grateful for all the support I have to keep going.

I am greater now than ever. I am humbled at how much effort it takes to transform like that. I have learned many lessons, but I feel that it has all been worth it.

As a caterpillar, I had no idea that I could become something more. While in the chrysalis of transformation, I surrendered to what was, in order to become what was next. I am grateful for all that I have gone through to get here.

As I air out my wings and get ready to fly, I say “Thank you, Universe, for believing in me.”

Today, I finally claim my magnificence.

Self-Realization Questions:

  1. Who all can I thank for helping me become my magnificent self?
  2. What can I do to help others become their magnificent self?
  3. Who is ready to be assisted in their transformation now?