I am loved exactly as I am

I am happy to be so loved. I am enough, and I truly believe that I have always been enough. I feel confident in sharing my true self with the world. I can love and be loved for who I truly am.

I know that I can just be me and receive all the love I want and need.

I reject the idea that I need to be perfect. Perfection is a myth I avoid. I am loved in spite of my lack of perfection.

In fact, my lack of perfection is part of the reason why others love me so much. My imperfections are attractive to many people. They make me human and lovable.

I am a unique person, and I am courageous enough to show my uniqueness to the world.

My friends and family make me feel loved.

I choose my friends carefully. I choose to be with people that love me and make me feel loved. I have the right to choose who is part of my life and who I reject. I love myself, so I ensure that I am surrounded by people that love me.

Today, I am feeling all of the love that is directed at me. I am comfortable being myself and knowing that I am fully loved. I am loved exactly as I am, and I am grateful for that.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Whom do I love, even though they are imperfect? What do I love about them?
  2. What part of myself am I hiding from the world? Why am I hiding it? What would happen if I allowed the world to see that part of me?
  3. Who loves me the most? Why?