I am immersed in beauty

Just like taking a bath, I feel beauty wash over me. I am wrapped in beauty.

I feel the coziness of beauty surrounding me. Like a warm breeze, it encircles me.

I see beauty in the wind as I walk through it. I love when the breeze catches my hair and playfully tosses it around my face. I love when the breeze is just the perfect temperature and the smell of summer waifs through the air. I breathe it in. I take it all in.

I find that the more I appreciate Beauty, the more she awakens within me.

I start to see the beauty, not only around me, but also within me. I am a bit surprised by that. What a thought.

I allow Beauty to permeate my being. I release resistance and let her find her way to my soul. Like tiny little rivulets find their way to the sea, I allow Beauty to permeate my Soul. She has been there all the time anyway. I just didn’t see her.

I now acknowledge beauty within me. I let go of all the old programing that said otherwise.

If I can see the beauty outside of me, it is only because it is within me. I allow that statement to go in and be accepted by my inner self. I integrate beauty into my mind.

Today, I accept my new programming, knowing that I am beautiful inside and out. I also accept that everyone else is also beautiful inside and out as well. Beauty abounds and surrounds me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What do I need to do to accept that I am beautiful inside and out?
  2. How can I see the beauty in other people more fully?
  3. How can I bring more beauty to the world?