I acknowledge the unique beauty in each person

There is something special in everyone. Their unique differences are what make this world beautiful.

My strengths make me beautiful. I am proud of what I am able to do. I feel invincible and I believe that such power is beautiful. My thought process is the same when I contemplate the value of others.

I have friends who are talented in the arts. Their unique abilities make them truly special in my eyes. The ideal word to describe their talent is beautiful.

There are other people in my life who spend much of their time caring for others. The desire to live selflessly each day is awe-inspiring. I lift my hat off to those who give of their time and talents. Their souls shine through and make them glow.

Whenever I see someone doing something nice for others, I compliment them. My encouragement keeps them going along that positive path.

Even difficult people have special traits worth acknowledging. I spend the time getting to know others, so I am able to see everything wonderful that they have to offer. Paying more attention to their positive traits builds confidence.

Today, my eyes see beauty in each person who I interact with. I commit to taking the time to see what is wonderful and offer words of kindness. My priority on helping others shine makes this world a little nicer to live in.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are some of the unique qualities that I see in others?
2. How often do I stop and tell myself that I am worthy of great things?
3. Who are some people that I admire for their emotional strength?